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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Tips

Tips for GRAW on the Xbox 360


Detection Goggles

Keep X pressed down to display the Detection Goggles menu. Select Detection goggles to shift into night and thermal vision, enabling you to locate your enemies at night or through the cold smokes, like those from smoke grenades. From the same menu, you can also deactivate or reactivate the display of intels on your HUD.

HUD Scramblers

These scramblers disrupt or block the acquisition of information by your HUD. If you succeed in locating them, you can destroy them by firing at them or using explosives.


There are several types. Fragmentation grenades inflict major damage to light or lightly armored vehicles and make it possible to drive out enemies who are under cover. Smoke grenades serve to conceal yourself. To select a type of grenade, keep B pressed down to display the weapons menu and select the grenades. The keep A pressed down to select a type of grenade.

Overheating of Heavy Machine Guns

During a sequence of prolonged firing, heavy machine guns heat up and end up jamming. Keep an eye out on the heat gauge; if the weapon overheats, stop firing and wait for it to cool down.

Gun Camera

Thanks to its incorporated camera system, the gun camera allows the user to aim and shoot from behind cover.

Healing a Wounded Person

To heal a wounded teammate, go up to him and press Y. You can also order a valid teammate to heal him by designating the wounded person then pressing Up on the D-pad.

Picking up a Weapon

You can pick up the weapons of your dead enemies. To pick up a weapon from the ground, press Y.

Firing Modes

Pull and hold LT to aim with precision. Some rifles are equipped with aiming sights. To use the sights, click RS, then hold your breath while keeping LT pulled down to stabilize the cross-wires.

Counter-sniper Rifles

Counter-sniper rifles allow the user to aim with extreme precision. Their bullets can pierce thin walls. The cross hair will indicate when a target hidden behind cover is reachable.

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