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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hints and Tips

Tips, tricks, glitches and strategies for Oblivion on PC and Xbox 360


Oblivion Tips and Hints

The following tips and hints have been submitted from various Oblivion players from around the world. Many of them are quite useful and can help you in the PC or Xbox 360 version of the game.

Defend Melee Attacks Easily

Feeling kinda frightened by the big, evil, meele warrior coming towards you? Well, just find some rocks (if you can get outside) or some other object and jump onto it. You can then stand on the top of it, hurling fireballs and shooting arrows at the poor foe, who'll be unable to defend himself.
Sumbitted by: Jesper Lundkvist

Items Slowing You Down?

If you play this game alot and use many weapons, you're limited on carrying items up to your capacity. Or, you don't want your weapons to slow you down, even if your're about 1/3rd's away from maxing out.

This is a great method of carrying a lot of weapons, armors, potions, and/or misc items that you dont want in your own inventory.

When you are given the magical horse, "Shadowmere" from the Dark Brotherhood, this is the only horse you will always use, since it's undestructable. Here's the trick;

Try to beat down the horse until it is unconcious. Immediately, before it gets back up, go to the corspe and search the body like you would with normal enemies, etc. Usually, an unconcious character will only provide you with the option, "Talk", while the character is still on the ground.

You can search the horse, push the left trigger button and drop in whatever you need carrying. This is far more than carrying everything you possibly can on your personal inventory while in battle.

This works with the Xbox 360 and using the horse armor; I'm not sure if the armor has anything to do with it since I figured it out after I bought the armor package.
Submitted by: Anthony T.

The Right Weapon Array

Given the complex combat and wide array of enemies in Oblivion, it is vital that you keep an array of weapons available for your early encounters. Enchanted weapons show up fairly often after level 5 or so, so be sure to keep a fire-based enchanted weapon along with a shock-based, magicka affecting, and simple unenchanted weapon on your person (an Ease Burden spell from Deetsan in the Cheydinhall Mages Guild can help with the weight).

If you find yourself not making much of a dent with a fire-casting weapon, switch around until you find the weakness of your current enemy. These few more points of damage per hit often make the difference between life and death!
Submitted by: Paul Slayton

Close Oblivion Gates Quickly

If you want to close Oblivion gates fast, all you have to do is that when you enter the realm of Oblivion you just run as fast as you can and go get the sigil stone.
Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Increase Acrobatics Skill Quickly

If you want to increase your acrobatics skill faster you can travel to some stairs or a steep hill and just jump your way up. Because then you will be airborn for as short as possible and can start a new jump.
Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Increase Sneak Skill Quickly

If yoy want to increase your sneak skill fast then you can go to the Imperial City Arena and go to one of the ponds with sacred lotus in them and go in to sneak mode and press "Q" (default) if thats your auto run key. You will now increase your sneak skill because there are gurads near the door. You can even go away from the computer and then come back to see that your sneak skill has increased. Tip if you choose sneak as one of your major skills and do this your level will also be raised quick.
Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Fun In The Air

This is not a real tip it's just fun. Jump up in the air near a person and start a conversation with the person and you will stay in the air while the person is talking to you. You will fall down when you exit the conversation.
Submitted by: Christian Jansson

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