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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hints and Tips - Set 2 - page 5

Tips, tricks, glitches and strategies for Oblivion on PC and Xbox 360


Fortify Security for Lock-picking

When you finish the Mage Guild Initiation and can visit the University make a spell that fortifies your security skill. Even if it increases the skill by 100 points it will still cost under 50 mana (not sure about exact number). The spell has to only last for 1 second as the game pauses when you are in the lock pick menu.

So you end up casting a 50 mana spell to have a security of 100... and none of the tumblers fall when you break a pick.
Submitted by: AS.Legion

Get in Close and Use a Fast Blade

As an Assasin there are some obvious tactics, use poision, get good at Alchemy, and find those shadows.

My tip is to use the fastest blade you can find when getting in close. The damage of 2 fast critical hits far outweighs the damage increase a bigger weapon gives.

For example a Dagger with 8 damage and a Longsword with 12 damage.
Dagger at 6x twice = 32 damage
Longsword 6x once = 24 damage

Not to mention if you actually poison both hits.
Submitted by: Rich S.

Invisibility Method - Chameleon 100%

This cheat was discovered with a PC, as PC is the platform for which Oblivion was designed.

First step is to acquire a significant amount of cash (about 10000 gold, I believe). I recommend selling high-quality equipment such as Daedric items for this purpose.

Next, visit Red Diamond Jewelery in the Market District of the Imperial City. Buy the Spectre Ring (note: at times, for some reason, the ring may be unavailable. I believe that in my case an NPC stole it from the shop.

Now go to the Arcane University (you need to have completed the Recommendation quests.) Bring along two Soul Gems containing Grand-level souls (ie from a Lich, Xivilai, or other high-level creature.) Enchant an Amulet or Necklace with 20% Chameleon. Enchant another item with Chameleon, but not a Ring or Amulet. You will need the space for the Amulet you have made and for another Ring you will need. I recommend using Shoes or Headgear for the second item.

If you equip your items (the Spectre Ring and the two Chameleon items), you should have a nice 65% constant effect Chameleon. But I'm not stopping there.

Once you have reached level 17 or higher, go to Meridia's Shrine (west of Skingrad). Bring some Bonemeal OR Ectoplasm. Do the quest. You will recieve the Ring of Khajiiti. Equip it. Your Chameleon is now 100%, which will function as Invisibility that never goes away until you unequip the items.

This should prevent most enemies from EVER hitting you.
Submitted by: Hircine C.

Bound those Boots for Acrobatics

After you recieve the Boots of Springheel Jack from one of the later Theives Guild missions. Wear the shoes and use a spell to bound your boots. You will permanantly gain 50 points for your Acrobatics skill.
Submitted by: Nawaf A.

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