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Duplicating Items in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion after the Xbox Live Patch

Oblivion Hints and Tips - Duplicating Items on the Xbox 360


About Item Duplication in Oblivion on the Xbox 360

There are a couple of glitches in the Xbox 360 version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. These glitches allow you to duplicate items in your inventory. Most gamers use this method to save gold, make gold, and duplicate other items within the game for various reasons.

If you have Oblivion but do not have Xbox Live and have not received the patch for the game, then you can use the first listed method below. If you have downloaded an automatic patch from Xbox Live, then you'll need to use the second version listed below. (The second version is actually a bit better anyhow.)

Using Bows and Arrows to Duplicate Items in Oblivion

This method is for gamers who have NOT downloaded the Oblivion patch from Xbox Live.

  1. Equip a bow and any number of arrows. (note that the number of arrows equipped will determine how many items are duplicated)
  2. Draw the bow using the Left Trigger, but do not shoot an arrow.
  3. With the bow still drawn, press the B button to access the inventory menu.
  4. Press X on the arrows that are equipped to attempt to drop them. You'll get a message saying you cannot drop them because they are equipped.
  5. Now, press X on the item you want to duplicate and it will drop and duplicate to the number of arrows you have equipped.
  6. Pick up your loot.

Using Punches and Arrows to Duplicate Items in Oblivion

This method is for gamers who HAVE downloaded the automatic Oblivion patch from Xbox Live.

  1. Equip any number of arrows, a number divisible by ten is advised.
  2. With no weapon equipped, look at the floor and punch it by pressing the Right Trigger.
  3. Quickly, before the punch has been completed, press the B button to access the inventory screen.
  4. Select the arrows which are equipped and press A to attempt to un equip them, you will receive a message saying you cannot do this because you are attacking.
  5. Select the item you wish to duplicate and press X to drop and duplicate the item.
  6. Pick up your loot.

Special note on this method: It is recommended that you use numbers of items which are divisible by ten. Example: 50 arrows to duplicate 10 lock picks. By doing this, you can do two things: decrease the amount of time you have to spend picking the items up, because they will be bundled, and increase the duplication rate if you have more than one of the same item to duplicate.

Another Note on Duplicating Items in Oblivion

Not all items can be duplicated. Quest items cannot be dropped, and therefore cannot be duplicated. Large of heavy items cannot be duplicated. My recommendation on duplication is to duplicate high value items, which weigh very little.

Another great use is duplicating soul gems, so you can enchant other items easier. Finding high value rings and necklaces early on in the game can make the need to make cash irrelevant, so search until you find a good item to dupe.

Don't Want to Stop Duplicating Items in the Future?

If you really enjoy duplicating items in Oblivion, and fear that Bethesda may have another update up their sleeve, there are ways to avoid it. Before you play Oblivion, sign out of Xbox Live. Make sure you are signed out before the game disc begins to boot, as this is when the updates take place.

If you are worried about not gaining achievements while off-line, don't. You will still earn any achievements you may attain, but the Xbox Live leaderboards and stats will just say it has been earned the next time you log in, without stamping a date on it.

Another Option - Clearing the Xbox 360 Cache

If all else fails, and you really NEED to dupe some items in Oblivion, you can clear the Xbox 360 cache to remove all software updates the console has downloaded. Use this as a last resort however, as this method will remove all software updates for all games. More details here.

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