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Xbox and Xbox 360 Kid Friendly Games - Resources for Video Games

Xbox and Xbox 360 Kids Friendly Games Resourses - Gaming Sites and Games for Children and Parents

Xbox.com - Xbox Family Center
Xbox® is fun for the whole family! Parents love Xbox because it's the only video game system that comes equipped with built-in parental controls. Kids love Xbox because of the games! With a product library of more than 500 great titles, Xbox has everything you need to please the whole crew.

Xbox.com :: Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn of Destiny Game Detail Page
The future of dueling is now! With the power of the Xbox, witness your favorite monsters dueling it out in spectacular battles, all in beautifully rendered 3-D. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny is a digitally enhanced rendition of the hit Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.

Xbox.com :: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Detail Page
Become your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and master your ultimate ninja skills in an action-packed world. Roam New York City's streets, scour underground sewers, and fight your way across rooftops on a collision course with Shredder and his vile pack of Foot Ninjas.

Xbox.com :: SpongeBob SquarePants Game Detail Page
Players will put their platforming skills to the ultimate test as SpongeBob, Patrick, or Sandy Cheeks, with an array of insane new maneuvers (like "tongue boarding," "underwear bungee jumping," or "lasso copter") and power-ups (like the "cruise bubble").

Xbox.com :: Sonic Heroes Game Detail Page
Sonic is speeding off on his biggest adventure yet. And, there's a new gameplay twist: With Sonic Heroes, you can control Sonic and two of his buddies simultaneously! Use Sonic's speed, Knuckles' power, and Tails' ability to fly to conquer massive worlds.

Xbox.com :: Shrek 2 Game Detail Page
The adventure continues in Shrek 2! Join Shrek and his friends including Donkey, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona, and more as they take on challenges from the movie and explore twisted fairy tale worlds never seen before.

Xbox.com :: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Game Detail Page
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets casts you as Harry in a new adventure with more magic, friendship, and danger. In a stunning next generation rendition of Hogwarts

Xbox.com :: Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo Game Detail Page
Guide Marlin, Dory, and Nemo through the ultimate underwater adventure. Meet all of the great characters from the Disney and Pixar movie Finding Nemo, as you live all the excitement of the film's story line.

Xbox.com :: Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Game Detail Page
For the first time, play complete Quidditch - the favorite sport of witches and wizards. Play every position, stadium, and ball. Take your house to victory at Hogwarts and then compete in the ultimate challenge the Quidditch World Cup. Choose from any one of nine international pro teams and bring home the Cup.

Xbox.com :: Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX Game Detail Page
The arcade dancing phenomenon debuts on the Xbox with Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX, complete with new songs, awesome dance hits, and new game modes.

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