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Ghost Recon Summit Strike Cheats & Codes for Xbox - GR: SS Cheats

Invincibility, team invincibility, refill ammo and more Summit Strike cheats.


Cheat Codes for Summit Strike

    At the main menu, select the Enter Cheats option, then press B (2), X , A . Your first soldier will be invincible, but the remaining members of your platoon can still be harmed.

    Team Invincibility
    At the main menu, select the "Enter Cheats" option, then press B (2), X , B .

    Refill Ammunition
    At the main menu, select the "Enter Cheats" option, then press B (2), X (2).

    At the main menu, select the "Enter Cheats" option, then press B (2), X , Y .

Water Source Glitch / Abnormality

In all the levels with a river or stream, if you follow it to its source you can see that it's flowing out of solid rock.

Under Armor Reference

During the training mission, go to the rifle range and get a sniper. Stand in front of Alicia Diaz. Make sure you are standing on the range and she has her weapon down. Zoom in on her neck. Notice that she is wearing Under Armor, and that it has the Under Armor logo and writing on it.

Resolve Problems Loading Summit Strike

Many of the first game discs shipped contained glitches that caused the game to not load properly. If you experience problems loading the game, try the following three steps:

  1. Make sure that your game disc is clean and free from of any blemishes or marks. If it is dirty or scratched, try to clean the disc with an approved cleaning solution.
  2. Unplug all game controllers at the Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike splash screen and allow all the introductory videos to play through. Once the videos have finished playing (and you are at the main menu of the game), you can then plug the controller(s) in again and try to play successfully.
  3. If the above two steps do not work, keep restarting the Xbox console until the video has played through. Once you have gotten the video to finish, you should be able to play without problems. If the problem persists, repeat these steps until you are able to play, or return the game for another copy that works correctly.

In case the game experiences problems later during saving you should always maintain two or more saved game files in case one becomes corrupted.

Ghost Recon Summit Strike cheats and hints submitted by Stephan M.

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