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Half-Life 2 Xbox Cheat Codes - Half-Life 2 Cheats

Restore your health and ammo and unlock all chapters in Half-Life 2 on the Xbox


Half-Life 2 Xbox Cheats

Cheat codes for Half-Life 2 can be enter during game play.

Health Cheat
Restores 25 health.
Note: Can be used more than once .
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

Restore Ammo Cheat
Y, B, A, X, White, Y, X, A, B, White

Unlock All Chapters Cheat
Left, Left, Left, Left, Black, Right, Right, Right, Right, White

Reload Ammo Without Using the Ammo Cheat
If you run out of ammo and you do not have the above listed cheat for ammo, simply go to the main menu and select new game and go to the chapter you're on and you will have full ammo.
Above cheat / hint submitted by Jack Smith.

Have Another Cheat or Hint?

If you have another cheat or hint for this game, or any other game we do not have listed send it in.

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