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Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Cheats Codes & Hints for Xbox

Easy Money, Quick Cheat Code Entry, Hidden Logos, and Special Moves.


Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Cheat Codes

Go into the options screen, then go into the cheats screen and type the code in with the on screen keyboard.

  • kubmir - Adds $1 to Career Money. (see below cheat list for quick entry method)
  • rimbuk - Subtracts $1 from Career Money.
  • dfens - Argo.
  • getheadl - Bunny Ears.
  • haveyouseenthisboy - Chrome.
  • getheadn - Chrome Skull.
  • trythisathome - Flaming Heads.
  • hyperagro - Gravity (arcade mode) works with roar and argo.
  • urbansprawl - Makes Pedestrians Faster.
  • ontheroad - No Damage.
  • getheadk - Pumpkin Head.
  • Rjnr - Roar.
  • getheadm - Snow Man.
  • roadtrip - Unlock All Cities.
  • getheadj - Yellow Smile.
  • allin - Zone.

Quicker DUB 3 Cheat Code Entry Method

To use cheats easier, enter the code text, but do not accept it. Select the "Hotkey" button and go to "Set". Then, select one of those phrases. Your code should now be accessible through hotkeys.

Easy Money Hint

In a tournament race, do not finish the last race in first place, but in second or third place. Second place is worth more money. Do this as many times as desired for fast money.

Weave Through Traffic Hint

When racing turn left or right and press B. Your car will go on its side and can weave through traffic.

Drive On Two Wheels Tip

Press the left trigger and the D-pad Left or Right. Your car will pop up on the left or right side, and you can drive on two wheels.

Unlockable Cars In Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition

  • El Diablo Rigid - Beat Vanessa three times in career mode.
  • Nissan Skyline - Beat all 13 tuner race tournaments.
  • Detroit Cop - Beat the game.
  • Atlanta Cop - Beat the game.

Note: the above unlockable cars list is only a partial list, if you have more let me know.

Rockstar Games Logo Locations

There are twelve Rockstar Games logos hidden throughout the game. Here are a few of the locations, if you have more than what Gregory submitted please send them in and I will update the list.

  • Atlanta
    When you get out of the garage immediately turn to the right. You will see a glass. Crash through to find the logo.
  • San Diego
    Find the aircraft carrier and locate the ramp to jump onto the flight deck. One logo can be found here.
  • San Diego
    There is a logo behind the baseball stadium. Follow the highway to the back of the stadium.. You will then see a small ramp. Drive up to find the logo.
  • San Diego
    There is also a logo at the top deck of the hangar ship.
  • San Diego
    Drive to the beach at the top left of the map. Follow the beach until you see a small tunnel.. There is a logo in there.
  • San Diego
    At the lower left of the map (near the hanger ship), follow the coastline. There is no road near by. Follow the large building, and you will find a little road that leads up to a roof. Turn left and you will see the logo.
  • San Diego
    Almost at the lower right corner at the map, there is a huge parking garage. When you are on the streets, drive to the bottom left corner of the building. Drive up the ramp, turn left, and drive through the windows to find another logo.
  • San Diego
    To the far left of the map at the rollercoaster, drive up the ramp that is located at the north of the rollercoaster. Ride to find the logo.

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