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Rainbow Six Lockdown Cheats Codes FAQs and Hints for Xbox

Unlimited Ammo, Increased Force, Invisibility & more Lockdown Cheats


Rainbox Six Lockdown Unlockable Cheats

The cheats in Tom Clancey's Rainbow Six Lockdown are built into the game's menu. Go to the cheat section and unlock the below cheat by purchasing it with the specified number of Intel Points listed below.

  • Increased Force
    650 Intel Points.
  • Invisibility
    900 Intel Points.
  • Once Shot Kill
    600 Intel Points.
  • Unlimited Ammo
    550 Intel Points.
  • Unlimited Items
    550 Intel Points.

Rainbow Six Lockdown Unlockable Art

Unlockable Art is purchased in the same manner as the cheats are.

  • ART Part I
    10 Intel Points.
  • ART Part II
    10 Intel Points.
  • ART Part III
    10 Intel Points.
  • ART Part IV
    10 Intel Points.

Rainbow Six Lockdown Freezes at Xbox Live Sign In Resolution

There is an issue when signing into the Xbox Live service with Rainbow Six Lockdown and certain gamertags, a resolution can be found here.

Have More Cheats? Send Them In!

If you have a cheat code or tip for this, or any other game we do not have listed, send it in to us. More information here.

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