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Ultimate Spider-Man Cheats Codes FAQs & Hints for Xbox

Unlockable characters and levels, and codes for weapons and outfits.


Password Screen Codes

Go to the cheat screen (which is the controller set-up menu) and enter these codes for Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • sparing - get sword
  • greengoblin - GreenGoblin outfit
  • megaops - jump higher
  • thegirlnextdoor - Mary Jane Watson outfit
  • jungleboy - play as Carvin the Hunter
  • helipad - play as mini piolet
  • thepress - play as mr.jamason
  • sciencerules - play as scientist number 2
  • lean back - play as thug
  • myuncle - play as uncle ben
  • scorpion - Scorpion outfit
  • killer - unlock all the moves

Unlockable Characters and Levels

  • Unlock Arachnoman
    Complete 90 City Events, Collect 90 Tokens & Complete 48 Combat Tours
  • Unlock Parker Hoodie
    Complete 75 City Events, Collect 75 Tokens & Complete 32 Combat Tours
  • Unlock Peter Parker
    Complete 50 City Events, Collect 50 Tokens & Win 4th Race against Johnny Storm
  • Unlock Spidey Wrestling
    Complete 30 City Events & Collect 30 Tokens
  • Unlock Switch Hero Option on Pause Menu
    Complete all Story Missions
  • Unlock Symbiote Spider-Man (Black Costume)
    Complete 100 City Events, Get all Tokens, and finish all Combat Tours
  • Unlock Venom Races
    Complete all Story Missions
  • Unlock Hard Difficulty
    Complete 20 City Events and Complete "Class Trip" Chapter 8.
  • Unlock Medium Difficulty
    Complete 10 City Events and Complete "inexpugnable" Chapter 6.
  • Unlock Health Bonus & Hard Difficulty Combat Tours
    Complete 12 Medium Combat Tours.
  • Unlock Health Bonus & Medium Difficulty Combat Tours
    Complete 8 Easy Combat Tours After Chapter 4 Hell of a Mess.
  • Unlock Insane Difficulty Combat Tours
    Complete all Hard Combat Tours

Remove Police / Military
After you finish the story mode, you can play as Venom; Normally as soon as Venom destroys anything you enter a mini-game and the police/military will try to kill you relentlessly. If you want to go around on a crazed rampage without ever being attacked, just destroy something to activate the mini-game. Then pause the game and go to your "Unlockables" section, the game will warn you that this will exit your mission. Agree to exit the mission and then back out of the Unlockables Section. Now, no matter what you do, the cops will never show up.

Full Health when Life is Low
You must have at least one costume for this to work. Go to unlockables, when low on life, them enter costumes. Change costumes then when your back in the game you should have full life.

Ultimate Spider-Man Xbox cheat codes submitted by John Mahoney.

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