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The Sims Medievil Main Cheat Code List (PC)

Reader Reviews: The Sims Medieval Cheats, Codes, Hints and Guides

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By xbsjason

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The Sims Medieval does not have the code to enable testing cheats set up as a default code. In order to activate these code you will need to make one small edit to the Commands.ini file found within the game's folder structure.

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This cheat modifies a to a core game file, please make a backup of any files you intend to edit so you have the option of reverting should something goes wrong.

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In addition to the above codes, there is also a file edit you can make that will allow you to activate the "TestingCheatsEnabled cheat" that you may be used to from previous The Sims games.

Before beginning, make sure that the game is not running.

To enable testing cheats in The Sims Medieval you need to locate and edit the Commands.ini file. If you have trouble locating the file then check your computer's settings and make sure you don't have system files hidden.

As a reference point, on a normal install of the game the file is located in the following directory structure:

Example path: C://Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Game Data/Shared/Nonpackaged/Ini/Commands.ini

Windows 7 users take note that you will need administrator permissions to modify the file.

Step 1: Make a copy of the Commands.ini file on your Desktop, or somewhere easy to locate.

Step 2: Open the Commands.ini file with Notepad, or another plain text editor.

Step 3: At the bottom of the file you will see the following line of text:


Change that zero to a 1 so it looks like the following:


Then save the file to your Desktop, or wherever you placed it.

Use All Files File Type When Saving. When saving the file be sure that the 'file type' drop-down selector says All Files, not Text Files, or the system will view it as a regular text file instead of a configuration file. If you already saved it and it is saved as something like Commands.ini.txt edit the name and remove the trailing .txt (and tell Windows you're sure).

Step 4: Copy the Commands.ini file you just edited and paste it over the original file. (Renaming the original file to BACKUPCommands.ini is recommended in case anything goes wrong you can revert.)

Once the file edit has been completed testing cheats will be automatically enabled the next time you load the game.

Special note: Getting access denied messages while trying to edit the file?

As stated previously you will need Admin rights on the PC you are using to modify the .ini file in any fashion. In Windows 7 right-click the Commands.ini file and choose to view the Properties. Under the Security section click Users and change it to Full Control. This will allow you to modify the file.

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