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Readers Respond: Facebook's Fairyland Cheats, Hints, and Tips

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About Fairyland (from the developer: Play and Connect Ltd)
Grow a beautiful garden, attract wildlife, race snails, mix spells, and meet the friendliest people on Facebook! It's friendly, fun, and relaxing all at the same time! Rated ?????

More info can be found on the official Fairyland Facebook Application page. If this isn't the Facebook game you were looking for then check our Facebook Game Cheats index.

Read on below to find cheats, hints and tips for Fairyland... You can also leave your own tips to share them with the rest of the community, leave one now!

attaracting things! x

grow your plant by watering it and leave it for 1 or 2 days then change the colour to your favourte then leave it for 1 day and whoola x
—Guest olivia

where are the cheats

i dont see the cheats in this article :-( 0000000000000000000000


to get gold fast search fairyland calculator in google then find your code and it will show you magic 10 gold !
—Guest Miss _ Fairyland 10'

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