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Readers Respond: Facebook's MouseHunt Cheats, Hints, and Tips

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About MouseHunt (from the developer: HitGrab Inc.)
A game of epic proportions. You are a hunter, hired by the king to trap the mice that infest his kingdom. For each mouse you catch, you'll receive a unique reward, with the aim of being the best in the land! Rated at 4.9/5 ?????

More info can be found on the official MouseHunt Facebook Application page. If this isn't the Facebook game you were looking for then check our Facebook Game Cheats index.

Read on below to find cheats, hints and tips for MouseHunt... You can also leave your own tips to share them with the rest of the community, leave one now!

up the lavel faster and big points

up the level faster,horn auto clik,point very large..
—Guest musa

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