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Readers Respond: Facebook's Superhero City Cheats, Hints, and Tips

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About Superhero City (from the developer: KlickNation)
Customize your avatar hero, join a team, engage in animated battles, and save the world one villain at a time. Visit Superhero City, the most addictive destination on Facebook.

More info can be found on the official Superhero City Facebook Application page. If this isn't the Facebook game you were looking for then check our Facebook Game Cheats index.

Read on below to find cheats, hints and tips for Superhero City... You can also leave your own tips to share them with the rest of the community, leave one now!

Hero crafting

U are best investing a tenner every now and again, preferably when there is a half price merit point sale on, the best abilities to buy are defines and agility, don't worry bout attack as this won't matter, u will soon wear down any opponent in the arena if they can't actually hit u, this is where agility skills come in! Everytime u do missions u get skill points, use these to build up your toons LIFE and AGILITY only. Obviously u will need some AT&T/defence an energy(or u won't be able to do ANY missions) but these don't have to be great! My toon stats are attack 240/ defence 250/ agility 1956/ life 3067 and enegy 365. Follow these ratios and u will go far, my level is 565 an I regulary trounce lvls 800 an upwards in the arena! Once u are happy with ur toon, start RAIDING (as soon as poss!) RAIDS are very important as u win ability cards for free which really help ur stats! U will also need as many friends as poss as u can then share their stats, join an ADD ME link an get adding!

Easy Level Guide

They give out merit points like 'freecking' hotcakes. All you have to do is save them up, then buy a bunch of teammates and special abilities. Then to level up fast, just fight opponents that are like 20 levels higher than you and you get like 100 exp each, because your so buffed up on teammates and specials. Its pretty easy to do.
—Guest Bob


there are cheats? IF there are cheats, how can you pssible cheat on this game?

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