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Readers Respond: Facebook's Viking Clan Cheats, Hints, and Tips

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About Viking Clan (from the developer: Viking Clan Support)
Viking Clan is a fun adventure game played with your friends on Facebook. Wage war on rivals, undertake epic adventures, conquer the land and build your empire.

More info can be found on the official Viking Clan Facebook Application page. If this isn't the Facebook game you were looking for then check our Facebook Game Cheats index.

Read on below to find cheats, hints and tips for Viking Clan... You can also leave your own tips to share them with the rest of the community, leave one now!

Favor Points

Do not waste Favor Points buying weapons or Warriors. FPs should only be used for buying hired clan until you have 1,000. 9 More hired clan gives you 90 warriors and 45 weapons. At say +25 att/def. per warrior that is 2,250 which is far more than a single weapon could ever give you. The only exception to this is completing a Calender challange. If you are short a couple of keys it does make sense to spend a few to get: a limited edition item (worth 30FPs), cash and enough XP for a level (which itself equals 1FP, 50 stamina, 500 energy and 5 skill points)
—Guest Fablanta

my strategy

build only stamina and attack from the beginning, or from lvl 15 at least, and do boss battles. this has got me dramatically far(lvl 142)
—Guest cj gwar

viking clan is easy

all you have to do is add all your points to attack stamina and energy if you wish it. If keep adding attack and stamina you can almost level indefinitely. ive gone up a hundred levels in one sittting. At the begining of the game buy only land. Depending on your chieftens you only buy what you need every chieften is worth 5 weapons and 10 soldiers so if you have 40 chieftens then you can have 400 soldiers, 200 wepons and if you have 33, 330 soldiers 165 weapons, etc. Its important to buy land before you need to buy gear that costs you. Play negotiate aegirs sea patrols mission as much as possible, it gives you the best soldier until level 400 is for free. if you get an income of say 100,000. put the game down for a month. At the end of the month youll have 74400000 gold then drop that into properties. And youll be forever set on gold in eventuality using this tactic of high income along with only leveling attack and stamina you will be able to level as much as you want indefinitly.
—Guest D34TH

Fast Leveling in Viking Clan

While there are several ways to level up, there are many ways that are far more efficient than others. What i would recommend is First: Join an add-me group (Viking Clan Add Me and Viking Clan 500+ in Under an Hour, are two that I use). Next, spend the majority of your skill points on Health, Stamina, and Attack. Defense isnt necessary because usually you just heal and move on, and I only recommend having enough energy to do about 5-10 of an adventure before running out of energy. Adventures aren't a great source of xp anyway. Always remember to do plenty of boss battles, as these give you fast xp and relatively good items. But the best source of xp is simply winning battles. You will receive more xp for defeating clans closer to your size, but I generally just eliminate everyone that is my size or smaller until all that is left are the extremely large clans, which I leave alone. Then, just give the list an hour or so to refresh and repeat the process. Hope this helps! ~Fist of Zamorak
—Guest Fist of Zamorak

I'm new...

I'm pretty new to the game so I was hoping to find something I could use to get better at the game and maybe further along in the game.

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