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Readers Respond: Rocksmith Hints

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From the article: Rocksmith Cheats - Xbox 360
So you've been searching for Rocksmith cheats, and you've now seen what is available. On this page you'll find user submitted hints and tips for Rocksmith on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Hints and tips can be extremely useful, even if there are no 'real cheat codes' for the game. Read through the hints and tips for Rocksmith, and feel free to add your own.

Serious Tip From A Everyday Guitar Playe

Want a tip!? Here ya go, learn some guitar care and maintenance. Learn to spot cracks that are damaging to the overall play ability of the guitar. Check your frets for dirt or grime as they tend to get very dirty from your hands. Change your strings once every month or so depending on how much you play and how hard!
—Guest Jacob

Tuning Problems

If you are experiencing tuning problems turn your Volume up and Tone up, if your tone is too low, it won't tune. Also, you may have noticed a Switch, I'm playing a 64 Gibson ES 335, with my guitar there are 3 selections, one to use the pickup closest to the bridge, one to use the pickup furthest away from the bridge and one selection to use both. If your having trouble tuning then I would also suggest having your pickup switch set to pickup all pickups if the other suggestions don't work. I'm not sure what kind of guitars came with the kit, they may not even have a pickup switch, but, they will have at least one volume knob and Tone knob, having either one of these two low and you will not be able to tune the guitar. Especially when your a beginner having the tone all the way up may not make your notes sound as good, but the purpose of the game is to learn, I know it's hard at first, if U have the finger dexterity to type fast,u may not be a superstar but u have the ability to play wel

great tips

Keep the tips coming! On single notes for specific songs would like to know what fingers people use, got into a bad habit of only using my index finger, e.g. for frets 3 use index on fret 5 use middle finger, that kind of stuff. Brand new to guitar playing, but really enjoying the "game".

this needs

a foot pedal to control the game it would help out with set up and keep your hands on the guitar
—Guest Roger

Noise during learning songs on PS3

IF you use a PS3 with a Move Eye, you might experience noise during the playing of songs. You might be getting feedback from the microphone in the camera. Go to options and turn the volume for the microphone to 0. Should solve the problem.

Tuning Help for Rocksmith

If you're having tuning problems make sure you are running the guitar cable directly to the console. If your guitar has any built in effects, such as a rocket distortion amp, make sure they are in the off position. Set the volume of your output to (almost) maximum. Make sure you mute all other strings and sweep across the string you are tuning nice and firm. Have fun.

rocksmith xbox 360

I have the game n cannot get past tuning it, it seems like the only string that makes that meter move is the skinniest one
—Guest tj

Beginner Tip (Single Note Version Only)

If you are a true beginner like me, you might like this tip. I found the game pushing me into chords WAY too early in my learning career. I still struggle a lot with the single notes, and want to practice those more. Here is a tip: you can take the songs they gave you for a particular event, and change them to be the exact same song but the single-note version. Just change it from Combo or Chord to Single Note when you adjust the play list. It will remember your choice for the remainder of this event, and you can now practice the songs at a much more beginner friendly level. Of course, the singe-note version gets harder and harder too, so it will still remain a challenge for a long time if you are new to the guitar.
—Guest Metyx

Quickly Replay a Song

You can quickly replay a song without the annoying load screen if you hit start/pause toward the end of the song (don't wait too long) and then select "Restart." This will restart the song and avoid the annoying long load times between events. However, it will NOT save your progress for that song. You, however, as a human still get to keep all of your skills that you learned while you played, so that doesn't really matter. You can let it finish normally and save when you are tired of playing that song. Your final attempt will probably have the highest score anyway.
—Guest Metyx


Unlock Harmonically Challenged Guitarcade game - Achieve a bronze or better on harmonics challenge. Unlock Super Slider Guitarcad game - Achieve a bronze or better on slides challenge.
—Guest KrayZVIII

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