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Readers Respond: Hints, tips and tricks for Runescape 2 on PC.

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Fast Cash 50

I know that some people don't have lots of money and I came up with a way to make money easy.MEMBER ONLY WAYS! Now you have to have a knife and a hatchet. Cut logs then fletch into arrow shafts (NOTE-arrow shafts are made only by fletching normal logs!)Once you have 5k of them, sell for 10 gp each-5,000x10=50,000! Ps, 1 log gives 15 shafts
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 49

The best way to make money in the game is buy low sell high. For example, lobbies are sold for 125gp ea, buy as much as possible. Good places to buy lobbies are in Karamja, or in Catherby if member. Now, once you have lots of lobbies-1k at least-you sell for 200-250 gp ea.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 48

Go just south of falador to the cow pen. Kill cows until you have 500 hides. Then sell ea for 150. On your next trip down there, tell some noobs you'll pay 50gp ea for cow hides. Get about 5 ppl getting you 300 hides, while you get about 500 yourself. Now you have 2000 hides, voila, easy 315k.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 47

Get rich quick without getting members! No lvl requirement:
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 46

Get to 10 crafting and pick flax then u spin them into strings and sell 100-110gp each
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 45

Ok first buy a rune scimitar the n sell it for 40k buy another one for 30k then keep on doing that until you get 1 mil
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 44

Go about 4 lvl in wild by varrock there will fined 2gp and body runes keep on picking up money and runes and you will have some money
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 43

Become a member and get crafting to lvl 10 then pick flax and its South of seers village then go to a spinners wheel and make bow strings they sell 100 gp each
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 42

Get your fishing and cooking up to level 40. Then go and catch lobsters and cook them and then sell them for 150-175gp each.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 41

Go to the mining guild. (You don't have 2 have a mining lvl of 60) when u r there get free pickaxes from a room close to the guild. Then sell them 2 noobs at dig site 4 money.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 40

pick flax and go north next to the grave yard you will find a house with a ladder go up and you will find a spinning wheel spin your flax into bow strings and get to 500 bow strings and sell foe 50k get 1k bow strings and sell for 100k. (You will need lvl 10 crafting)
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 39

If you are a member and need 50k in 1hr go to seers village and
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 38

For members to make good cash get your thieving to lvl 50 then go to brimhaven go to the bar then go behind the bar table you will see a trap door it is the entrance to the rouges den when you enter you will see a big block covering up the middle it will say you can steal from it (rumor if u do this long enough you will soon have 100k)
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 37

If you see a person selling something valuable, like rune, ask him to come to wild lvl 25 and you buy it there because you can\'t leave, if your high lvl enough, kill the guy and take the stuff.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Fast Cash 36

If your magic lvl is quite good you will be able to enchant jewelry when you can go to port salim and buy necklaces and then enchant them to earn $$$! But you need cosmic but u can get them from black knights!
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

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