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Readers Respond: Hints, tips and tricks for Runescape on PC.

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Level up 21

Go to Rimmington, and then go to the room where two logs respawn. Go in it, close the door, and then wait until the little level 2 rats respawn. Kill them until you reach level 5, then go back to Lumbridge. Go to the room with goblins in it. Close the door and wait until they respawn. Kill them and level up to about level 10. Then, go to Varrock and kill any level 9 men and level 10 muggers until you level up five more times. Then, go to the Wizard Tower to level up to level 20. Continue with the higher five levels each time until you are at level 40.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 20

Go south of Port Sarim to the Bandit Hole where there are lvl 6 muggers (for the noobs). For more advanced players, there are lvl 22 pirates and lvl 28 Hobgoblins. For experts, there are lvl 57 ice giants.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 19

Bury bones in holy place to raise pray lvl. Take a person with lower lvl than yours to the danger zones go in far enough and then kill them.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 18

Kill the monsters that are the closest to your level, which will cause you to get higher faster.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 17

First beat Dorics Quest to be able to use his anvil (lvL 15 mining needed). Then go mine tin, copper, iron, etc. After that, go to the furnace and smelt tin and copper, iron, silver, etc. Last, go to Dorics anvil and smith what you desire. This is a one way route and you can do it over again. This is done in Falador.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up: cooking

Go to any general store and buy nine bowls, fill them with water and then go to the cows in Lumbridge. Cook 9 pieces of meat and use them with bowl of water. You will get an uncompleted stew. Then leave the cow pen and go slightly north till you get to a potato patch. Pick 9 potatoes and put them in the stew. Then cook the stew.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 16

Get to level 40 combat and bring some food and go to Edgeville. Climb down the trapdoor and run past a bunch of level 25 skeletons and 28 & 42 hobgoblins, until you see hill giants (level 28) then u should also see a ladder and just across and to the north is a room with a brass key take it and go up the ladder to get out and then you can go that way every time.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 15

Always bury your big bones in the grass because it gets you more prayer xp points. To get Santa hats on 25th December, kill ice giants and high lvl monsters that drop the hats. If you want Halloween masks kill ice giants and high lvl monster on 31 October and they will drop Halloween masks (green red or blue). Remember that Halloween masks are worth over 2 million.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 14

Go to the chicken farm, and collect and bury the bones which the noobs drop.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 13

Go into the wilderness and you will find an alter, where there are lots of bones. Pick them up and start burying them.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 12

Go to Lumbridge and fight men and women. Once you bones, bury them. If you are at a high level then go to Varrock and go around the castle until you find a sewer. Explore the sewer and you will find lvl 43 giants. They drop big bones (500exp each).
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 11

When you have finished the Tutorial Island you are teleported to Lumbridge Castle. If you go south west (still in the castle grounds) you will find some small rats. Keep killing the rats until your attack, strength, and defense 8 (you should be combat lvl 11). Then go across the bridge of Lumbridge to where the goblins are and keep killing them (and selling all the things they drop at the Lumbridge shop) until you are a reasonable number of lvls above 11. After that, head north and you will find cows. Go in through the gate and start killing them and cooking their meat (with logs cut from a tree and a tinderbox) keep killing cows until you are about level 18-20.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 10

Go to the Bone yard in the wilderness (if you have enough life) pick up the big bones and little bones, walk across the area and grab as many bones as you can and you should run only if a person or skeleton is chasing you, you can get around 250 exp. points in one run, but make sure you have almost no items in your inventory. It helps to have the life recovery prayer when your doing this.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 9

Bury bones in the grass instead of the concrete to get more prayer points.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

Level up 8

Go to the dark wizards, but you must be level 41 or over. There is going to be a lot of newbie’s and strong people fighting them. They usually don't get the bones, so collect them and bury them.
—Guest Jack The Runescaper

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