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instant kill and revive cheat

On PC version press tab type in kill press enter and hit enter. then if you want that person back to life press tab click on person and click revive and press enter then out of cheat mode by pressing tab.
—Guest hunter

make stuff in your backpack fly

click f1 and drag an item out of your inventory to make it fly p.s this is a glitch not a cheat
—Guest t-bone

unicorn owns

in oblivion as you may know thier is a unicorn you can ride if you have the unicorn you can fast travel to any city run up to the unicorn and draw your weapon it will then attack you and if thiers guards near by they will attack it. The unicorn can kill a guard and you get no bounty if the unicorn kills the guard.
—Guest mike

Infi-nirnroot (infi-root)

you can complete the order of the virtouse blood become archmage and the use the chest on nirnroot

an AI companion

i'm trying to create my fullactorcopy, possible to join me in my quest so the game won't be that boring for me... now i've created a female character copy, and i changed my character to male... now there's the two of us, but the problem is, the female character just stays at home, so i'm researching if it is possible to make her go with me in my quests, follow me arround wherever i want to go.. but if it's not possible... it's ok, i'll just visit her in our home... she seems to be a wife for me, hahaha! but i'll just keep trying to know the right programming syntax for an AI...
—Guest The Programmer

Using Quantities with player.additem

after every player.additem add a " " with the quantity that you want within the quotes. This will save a lot of time when mass creating items. *EXAMPLE* A Rusty Key... player.additem 00024FE9 "1"
—Guest doublekickr1

a lighthouse

the code for part of Anvil lighthouse is 00034ab have fun!
—Guest Juciria

If Cheat Console Doesn't Load

Sometimes Vista has a problem with loading the cheat console in Oblivion. There is a mod that can be downloaded at this site. http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13133 The mod gives you a ring that brings up the cheat console when equipped. Make sure you have the latest version of Oblivion along with the Oblivion script extender. If you don't, you can download the latest version at this site. http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_patches.htm And the script extender is available at this site. http://obse.silverlock.org/ (These are all free downloads)
—Guest Corrie

the eaiest way to get your sneak lvl up.

OK when you have to do the quest with that elf guy in the back of the building. he has you sneak up on people and spy on them right. well when you have to sneak up on the guy that has to go to the farm yard. all you have to do while he is in there is,, stay by the fence on the outside wall of him and move side to side. I LEVLED UP 29 TIMES DOING THIS
—Guest dakota stevenson

Get Over High Walls / Paintbrush Glitch

If you want to get up a high wall, you can use the paint brush bug. Let's suppose you have a few brushes. Enter your inventory, and throw one paint brush out. The brush will be levitating in the air. Jump on it, and throw out another one. This way, you can reach high altitudes. Later, you can pick those brushes up, to use them again.
—Guest SF-Serbia.com

halo freak

its more fun than a tip but if a rat attack you you can dodge his attack by jumping in the right time, the rat will fly through the air and hit nothing
—Guest rumor

Entry to the Dark Brotherhood

If concerned about eliminating a random NPC, who might be needed for a side-quest in the later game, here's a method to enter the Brotherhood. First, this requires significant progress in the Mages' Guild questline. When you travel to Fort Ontus to retrieve the Necromancer's Amulet from Caranya, the mages scattered throughout the fort will not attack you before you have spoken with Caranya. On your way to meet her, pick a mage and attack. (I chose the mage in a large rectangular room with 2 chests, shelving, and a bedroll.) Other mages will not come to assist. Although the mage will show his true necromancer colors, and summon undead, the game has not yet registered the mage as "evil", instead, the mage is still considered "innocent". After slaying the mage, the Dark Brotherhood notification, "your actions have been observed by unknown forces" pops up. Welcome to the Guild!!!
—Guest AJ Y.

Permanent Indestructible Helper

You'll recall that any NPC (non-playable character) with the crown icon can't be killed - only knocked unconscious. This is usually irrelevant since they don't travel with you. Except Erthor! Erthor is the person you need to rescue in the Mages Guild quest from Skingrand. Well I rescued him but didn't bring him back to Skingard. He's just following me around Oblivion and fighting alongside me. He can't die - he just gets knocked unconscious periodically. He's a Mage so he summons things to fight as well. Very very useful since not only does he help kill creatures but he also serves as a distraction. If you have the PC version of Oblivion you can spawn Erthor using the Oblivion PC Cheats and Erthor's NPC Code .
—Guest The Sweeper

Instant Kill Glitch

This is a really funny glitch for the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion. For it to work you have to be standing up with your weapon sheathed. Go up to someone sitting on a chair or bench, and cast an (on target) spell at their shoulders from about 5 feet away. When they are standing up, there is a split second where you can hit the A button and search their (still alive?) body. It takes some practice, but once you get it you can take what they have, and when you exit the menu they will just fall down dead.
—Guest Culmor 30

Lower Oblivion's Difficulty Level

If this game is getting hard or simply frustrating, I have found out that the game LETS you make it easier! Here`s how: Pause the game and go to the options menu. Go to the game play category. You`ll see a difficulty bar, make that go to the easy side and it`s as simple as that! One hit or shot can kill a wolf, deer, mud crab, bandit, even guards are not a huge challenge anymore! Good luck and have some fun with this game! Note: this is for the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion.
—Guest John B.

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