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Readers Respond: More excellent hints, tips and codes for Oblivion on PC.

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You may have had a chance to look at the expansive list of cheats, codes, hints and tips that are already listed on the Video Game Cheats site here at About.com for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

But now its your turn! Share your best hints, tips, codes, and cheats with the rest of the community using the form below.

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The Right Weapon Array

Given the complex combat and wide array of enemies in Oblivion, it is vital that you keep an array of weapons available for your early encounters. Enchanted weapons show up fairly often after level 5 or so, so be sure to keep a fire-based enchanted weapon along with a shock-based, magicka affecting, and simple un-enchanted weapon on your person (an Ease Burden spell from Deetsan in the Cheydinhall Mages Guild can help with the weight). If you find yourself not making much of a dent with a fire-casting weapon, switch around until you find the weakness of your current enemy. These few more points of damage per hit often make the difference between life and death!
—Guest Paul Slayton

Defend Oblivion Melee Attacks Easily

Feeling kinda frightened by the big, evil, melee warrior coming towards you? Well, just find some rocks (if you can get outside) or some other object and jump onto it. You can then stand on the top of it, hurling fireballs and shooting arrows at the poor foe, who'll be unable to defend himself.
—Guest Jesper Lundkvist


I'm not sure if this issue has been resolved in the forums, but I have noticed a few questions pertaining the horse,(Shadowmere), given to you by Lucien LeChance upon completion of specific Dark Brotherhood mission. The Question: Where does Shadowmere reappear when he runs off? Answer: Fort Faragut. right outside the front door where you first found him.
—Guest RedEyedIrish

Oblivion Arena Cheats

I Found this out Myself. Need:Staff of worms,Skull Of Corruption Way to have them drop the weapon First Get The two Items and go to the arena. Then Fight the enemy and kill them. Now ressurect them and use the skull of coruption. Now Disarm or disigrate thier weapon. Then Pick it up.(Shimerstrike) Cheat 2-Helpers In the Arena Need-Staff of Worms Kill Your oponent ressurect them and bring them to your door alive(But Dead) and get your next match Generally the body will be thier but they will dissapear every now and then.
—Guest Kalib

easy cash

i play oblivion on xbox 360 but i still think it works on all systems if you double tap A(click x)on a scroll(that you have 2 )of then you drop something it will make however many scrolls you had will apear of what you droped
—Guest idontknow

ObjRef RemoveItem

If you want to remove or add an NPC's item, you click on them, remove the player. (additem/removeitem). Example: removeallitems (OR) removeitem #ObjRef#
—Guest Dupershmock


creates copy of selected NPC and works on yourself too
—Guest oblivion hacker

Worship Yourself

After you become Sheogorath and kill Jiggalag, go to Sheogorath's Shrine in Cyrodiil. You can 'worship' the statue, and Haskill will talk to you, saying "Praying to yourself, my Lord? That's not a good sign. Or perhaps it is. Prince of Madness, and all that."
—Guest Willowe

chase guard bruma rooftop

ok first you have to get or take off your clothes then cast feather.After this go to the level of bruma where the castle is nearly located then start jumping on rooftops Note:if you cant climb up an inclined plane just go to the corner inclined plane
—Guest dan david

Don't wanna Fight??

If you are low in health and you happen to pick a fight with someone not meaning to. Just run into a bar, inn, or a town. what ever is trying to kill you will be killed in a group of people. Then when they use there spells you can see how strong they are. And when they die you can take there stuff and it's not stealing.
—Guest Spring

Geting a companyin u made

Alright I read some person doesnt know how to make a copy who will help u well I have the solution. Get the knights of the nine expation complete main quest becoming the comander then make copy and talk to it. It will react as one of ur knights and u can ask it to follow u. Bingo ur own personal partner make as many as u whant but u can only take one wich sucks but owell. O hey can some one tell me how to get npc and item and creature codes direct from my game so I dont have to keep coming hear when I whant one.
—Guest Cirak

oblivion rolePLAYing

So you beat the game? done everything? Not quite. first make sure your on the pc for more fun. Next choose a minor guild like the bandits or the Guards. then get mainly most of wht they have equiped. for bandits glass leather mythrill Armor. guards Their citys armor and some chainmail. (Note you can choose any other guild) finally act like a bandit or guard. Bandit: a guy getting on your nerves? KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM! Guard: local annoying man killed? find the killer. cheats to make it more fun:(Bandits dont attack you 000177e3 1) ok thats it. Why are you still here? play oblivion! thats the reason you were here after you read this you were going to play oblivion! GO!
—Guest Oblivion

Fun little thing

Okay, I figured this out on about my 3rd save file on Oblivion. When you first go to Cloud Ruler Temple with Martin and Jauffre, walk to the door, open the console, and type in "Unlock". Then, open the door quickly, and open the console back up, then type in "Killall". Jauffre, Martin, and Captain Steffan will only go unconscious, and you can resurrect the rest after you do this. Now if you look at the stairs, you will see the Redguard Cyrus flying off the steps. He usually hits the wall on YOUR left, making a thud. He will wake up, and as I said before, you can resurrect everyone else.
—Guest ThaosDM

Testing hall chests

Not everyone will crash. I run oldblivion and it doesn't crash. Just needs to load, because it has LOTS of items in each. If others crash, sucks for them, don't be afraid too though.
—Guest David g

Shivering Isles/Oblivion

If you have already done the quests for Shivering Isles, and have become the Lord, taking Sheogorath's place, If you go to his Shrine in Cyrodil, he doesn't say anything to you, but Haskill does! He then proceeds to tell you your quest, but it's a funny little egg.
—Guest Tatertot

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