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Readers Respond: Hints for Tomb Raider I

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From the article: Tomb Raider I Cheats - PS1

This page is dedicated to user submitted hints and tips for Tomb Raider I on the Sony PlayStation (PS1) video game console. Here you can read through Tomb Raider I hints, tips, and tricks. You can also leave your own hints and tips for the game.

If you are looking for cheats for this game then head over to the Tomb Raider I cheats page. Improve this resource by adding another hint now!

just a gamer

Umm I discovered a cheat that made Laura invulnerable. I found it at elook.com the cheat is: Invulnerability During the game press "Select" to access the "Inventory" screen. Then press: Triangle, Square, R1, L1, Circle, Square. Please tell me if this is true. I tried to do it before but, after pressing triangle, it took me back to the game.
—Guest Monica Reynolds
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