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Readers Respond: The Godfather 2 Hints and Tips

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killing machine

kills loads of guys with a magnum.. it rocks. just hold L1 and tap R1
—Guest tomjones


To enter these cheats you must first go onto the pause menu by pressing select on the controller. Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, L3 - $5,000 Triangle, Left, Triangle, Right, Square, R3 - Full Ammo Left, Square, Right, Triangle, Right, L3 - Full Health These only work once every five minutes.
—Guest godfather master

tommy cipolla

the code for tommy cipolla is F5RE-ZYHJ-TGC2-29MG
—Guest godfather master

Tommy Cipolla

i can't put in the code for tommy cipolla on my ps3, i can't even get on the unlocks scren. can anyone help?
—Guest ME13

Shotgun Weapon Locations

Level 1 - Shotgun: Already available. Level 2 - Sawed-off: Corleone's Compound, New York. As soon as you leave the compound through the main gate, go straight forward, and turn left. There is a hedge that can be burned with an arsonist. The shotgun is behind there. Level 3 - Schofield Semi-auto: Global Storage Chop Shop, Florida. On the right side of the island, inside the small warehouse.
—Guest The Don

Rifle Weapon Locations

Level 1 - Sniper Rifle: Already available. Level 2 - Spitzer Centerfire: Emilio's packing company, Florida. It is located on the rooftop; an engineer is required to cut the fence. Level 3 - Vintovka SR-98: Almeida Compound, Cuba. On the second floor on a desk.
—Guest The Don

Pistol Weapon Locations

Level 1 - Pistol: Already available. Level 2 - Silenced Pistol: Ryan Roth mission, Florida. Found during the mission where he sends you to rescue one of his soldiers. Level 3 - Delta M1911 silenced : Mangano's Compound, Florida. Search the second floor.
—Guest The Don

Magnum Weapon Locations

Level 1 - .357 Magnum: Already available. Level 2 - .44 Magnum Force: When attacking Carmine Rosato's Compound in New York, go upstairs in the tiny foyer before approaching Carmine. The Magnum is clearly visible on a desk. Level 3 - .501 Magnum Enforcer: Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop, Cuba. Look at the map to find the lighthouse, and go there.
—Guest The Don

Automatic Weapon Locations

Level 1 - Tommy Gun: Already available. Level 2 - MP38: Granados Compound, Florida. Search the second floor. Level 3 - Modified AK-47: Battaglia Masonry, Cuba. When you enter a certain room, turn left to find a ladder leading underground. Follow the tunnel.
—Guest The Don

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