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Readers Respond: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories User Submitted Hints

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how to get a helicopter

first finish the mission 'from zero to hero'(at lance vance place) then go at escobar international airport you will see a kinds of plane and helicopter like maverick,sparrow and biplane ride on it enjoy!!(follow the instructions how to ride helicopter or plane)
—Guest jefferson

how to get in to army base

go and get a ambulance go to the gate of the base go around the fence to the right and you will see a bunker on the right side of the bunker there is things on the ground?? back the ambulance onto it get out jump on the hood and onto the roof and jump over fence
—Guest clever guy

exploding heads

ge a sniper rifle walk over to someone aim at there heads and shoot
—Guest pezz

naked cars

first do chrome cars cheat (right up left down triangle triangle L1 R1) then go to beach drive close to the water and the shell of the ca vanishes
—Guest pezz

How to car jump

First take any car you want then do cheat down left up L1 r1 triangle sorcol x
—Guest Husan

there is nothing a hunter

liers there are no hunter at the airport liers there are no hunter at the airport liers there are no hunter at the airport liers there are no hunter at the airport liers there are no hunter at the airport
—Guest kaemon

splitz drives on water

if you have the copound on the first city the 2 house buy the splitz and go on the water and it will drive on water
—Guest steven

need stronger amor!!

get a tank(up,L,down,R,left,L,right,R)and past all mission(tank mission)
—Guest me

swim without exhausting

Complete beach rally missions and you can swim without. Exhausting
—Guest rai


just press up and then , down ,left , right , square, l1, and r1
—Guest x tracker

airbus a380 plane

go to the airport and take the hunter and go to the beach and dorp the hunter and leave it and go out of the beach and after 5min come back then you will see airbus a380
—Guest tommy

how to get clothes

finish missions so u can have more clothes trust me even souldier suit and police
—Guest best kid


up down left right trangle square circle x l1 l2 r1 r2
—Guest rhishikesh.kandge!gmail.com

how to chrome cars

press right , up,left,down,triangle,triangle,L1,R1...hope you enjoy these cheat :)
—Guest Jonathan

how to run fast nonstop

If you want to run nonstop on gta vice city stories tap x when you are running
—Guest gta callum

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